Monthly update – New setup (Part 1)

Hi there. It looks like I have been able to find my rythm, I think uploading once a month is what fits me the best at the moment. To be honest, I would upload much more but I don’t have that many interesting things to talk about…

I went back through my first two articles and I feel like it might actually be pretty annoying to read walls of text… but I have no clue how to improve that as of right now (feel free to give me ideas on Twitter/Discord). What I am going to do today though is that I will be uploading two different articles, this one and another one which will stricly be about League of Legends since I am aware some people reading this couldn’t care less about this game.

First off I can’t help but talk about my room. I speant a lot of time and money in order to build my new setup and since my father has some decent photography equipment I thought it would be the occasion to borrow it in order to take some shots.

Haters gonna hate my weeb setup but I couldn’t care less about those. It’s actually pretty easy to change the way my entire room looks if I ever get bored since I screwed metal plates on my walls and I am then using magnets on those in order to display my posters.

Some slight improvements could be made though, especially about my showcase lightings or with the way I handle wires under my desk… but I am still happy with how it turned out so far. I am not going to stop there though I will fix those little things and I would like to buy a new TV as soon as possible but since I have no clue about TVs I need to gather as much information as possible first in order to be able to buy something decent.

Last figure I bought 😳

Oh also Christmas happened. I got a Nintendo Switch with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Zelda BOTW, a PS4 with Persona 5 and I also got some money which will allow me to buy a capture card. I am so hyped about that since that means I will be able to stream PS4/Switch games which will be ten times more relaxing than tryharding on League of Legends so I might be able to stream with both webcam and mic on without stressing out because I need to perform. My capture card should be delivered within a few days and with season 2018 (League of Legends) starting soon I will probably be streaming a whole lot in the near future.

Feel free to add me : SW-8290-3585-1908

It probably is worth mentionning as well that I haven’t been playing Mario Kart Wii at all besides the 2vs2 FFA which was pretty fun since I got to play with Dugo. I will probably get back into MKW when WL will start again but I don’t really know if I will ever play untill that except if βλ needs someone in order to gather five players. Reasons about my inactivity are probably the fact that I choked hardcore during playoffs and also that I am kind of repulsed by how people are still hating on FGT when XeR and I tried our best in order to look like a “serious” organization. I am aware we had immature people/clowns doing nothing useful but ruining our reputation, but it still annoys me that people are disgusted when they hear our clanname, I will probably move on though as XeR and I are the last two men alive in there, we might not be playing Mario Kart Wii but we still want to build something off Forgotten Legends just like we have been doing for the past 7 years.

Thanks for reading, I feel like I forgot to mention some stuff I wanted to talk about but I can’t remember what it was all about so that wil do for now. I hope I didn’t do that many english mistakes since it is pretty late… I tried to make it so that it wouldn’t be too annoying to read, I still believe I can improve that by a lot so hit me up with ideas if you have any.

I will upload the second article about League of Legends tomorrow I believe so feel free to come back for it later on if you are interested about my League of Legends grind. I will post a link on Twitter though 😤

Quick update regarding MKW and my smurf

Hello there,

First of all sorry about my inactivity. I didn’t expect to be quite as inactive as I currently am. All of a sudden I became pretty busy due to the fact that I have found a new job which has been pretty interesting so far. I want this to work out well so I won’t be slacking off from my workplace which might explain the inactivity.

Thanks to Black Friday I managed to buy a new domain name for relatively cheap, being a lot more cooler and relevant to this blog than used to be. I used to have some knowledge about DNS and all this stuff but I forgot it all so I had to ask XeR to step in… shoutouts to him!

I will talk about my MKW situation before I move onto the League of Legends part.

I left Forgotten Legends because it turned into a toxicity well I had no longer the control of. I have been trying to fix it for months but I couldn’t find the right compromise inbetween decent activity / low toxicness.

To be completly honest, I was about to play next season with FGT1 but that’s obviously not going to happen anymore since I left FGT.

I asked the remaining people in Forgotten Legends to use a different teamname / tag because I can’t stand the fact that some people are ruining any further the reputation we once had and that I actually struggled so hard to optain but it didn’t work out so well as they are still using it as off right now even though XeR and I aren’t playing for them anymore.

I used this opportunity to leave WL council as well. Points being discussed lately weren’t even close to be interesting, which got me bored. While I understand their points about wanting to run a fair and supposedly hack-less league, they also forgot that we were talking about a 10 years old, almost dead game. I disagree with this approach of trying to exclude some more players when we are already pretty low on numbers, I probably wouldn’t care so much if I wasn’t one of those but I actually am. Some degenerates have been hacking for years and even though we haven’t caught them yet it should be relatively easy to guess who is hacking nowadays. Constant item luck shouldn’t be a thing.

Either way I am not going to bother buying a new GCN controller in order to play WL, so if council decides to run a CTGP-only league then fine, I won’t be playing next season, no big deal really as I was planning to get back into League of Legends anyway.

However if rules somehow remain the same I will be playing one more season with BA1 and warm the bench as my skills as well as my motivation are pretty low at the moment. Also the fact that I can’t score decently during trollwars really isn’t helping as it is BA1’s favorite ruleset. BA1 suicide war super sub title incoming. All of this is susceptible to change though since I have no words to say when it comes to important decisions because I do not have a leading role in BA’s squad.

Let’s move on to another much more interesting topic. As I mentionned in my previous article I’m currently leveling up a smurf on which I will be climbing the ladder while streaming when I will have reached level 30. I will probably play most games solo but I might have a duoQ partner for some. I can only think of 3 people at the moment: Doyy, Fener and Kamisora even though the last one didn’t show up since forever.

I have been trying a few different runesets with Nunu and while it didn’t feel so good ingame I still had decent results regarding winrate even though I am playing in D2+ elo while being rusty.
I don’t want to rely on Nunu only from now on though but since I used to be a pretty versatile player, I should be able to adapt pretty fast to something more carry-oriented.

My favorite Nunu runepage so far

As off right now Kindred seems to be in a decent spot, and I used to be a pretty solid Kindred player back when she was relevant in soloQ so it seems to be the perfect timing for me to pick her up again.
While I used to be a decent player I think I have stepped down a whole lot compared to early Season 2017 which means I will have to go through a learning process again. Thanks to Reddit, I have found a good Kindred player. I will spend quite some time to watch his replays and little things he does in order to carry games.

Kindred runepage – taken from Forest Within

Oh well it wasn’t that much of a “quick” update but I had to say all those things about MKW so here it is. Thanks for reading untill the very end, I will bless you with a good music.