August update

Hi there,

Haven’t uploaded anything in a while because I have been really busy due to work. I’m so consumed from waking up early with such low amount of sleep everyday… I could go for longer nights but at the same time if I do so it feels like I do nothing but work and that would be too painful. Instead I’m just bearing with it for another 8 days before I take my flight to Tokyo (^▽^)

I need a few more figurines to fill in my second display so I bought 3/5 figures that I mentionned in my last post. And I am likely to buy the last two very soon , I have been delaying that purchases so far as I already spent quite a lot of money recently and I am probably about to spend even more in Japan.

  • Asuna from Sword Art Online
  • Suzuya from Kantai Collection
Demolisher Nunu

It seriously starts to feel like I only upload here when I start playing this game actively again. I took some kind of break from playing while I wasn’t posting, well not really since I still played but it was nothing serious until they announced Nunu rework which should come out for next patch I suppose. Hopefully it might give me another opportunity to come back to the top of the ladder if Nunu & Willump are being somewhat viable and aren’t banned 90% of the games I am involved in. I lowkey would like a fresh lvl 30 account to span Newnu when it will go live but as I am too busy I doubt that will happen except if someone gives me one, please do.

I have really high hopes regarding Nunu & Willump (external link) since I have read about spells, hopefully they won’t let me down ingame even though I feel like they will.

Recently, due to me being both overall bored and pissed at League of Legends, I decided I would play some MKW again. Couldn’t even take into consideration wars because the teams I’m in are inactive and would only play trollwars regardless of their activity, so I will pass. However I felt like I would play some lounge, which is something I never did in the past because I couldn’t enjoy the tryhard aspect. But I wanted to give it a try in order to see how I would do considering I played like 3 FFA events in my entire career. I was about to aim for Diamond before I leave for Japan but I just got really pissed at some people in higher tiers, you would think that MKW would be a chill community if it wasn’t for that one group of idiots that everyone seem to tolerate. I hope those people will get to the point where they will realize that when you have been playing that one single game for the past 10 years, there is no way that you could possibly be bad which means that bad mannering other people for being “bad” not only makes you look like a scrub but also an idiot, especially on a game with such a low amount of mechanics and when you had access to dirty gct files since forever (:
Instead feel free to teach me how to do better, I already know how to do better by sitting in 12th and using shock whenever it would help me out but hell I hate doing that and I bet there is a way for me to both stay in the pack and do well while not having the best run without having to load gct files or to sit in 12th entire race.

Recently I have been bored when coming back home so if you would like to join my Discord server, I am free to talk in there most of the time — and I’m not going to delete this one after 15 days. I also bought Monster Hunter World recently and I am looking for people to play with so feel free to ask (:

I am not going to post anything else before I leave, I’m yet to figure out how I will handle stuff from Japan, I can’t tell yet if I will be uploading a lot of stuff on social medias or if I will upload some bigger posts here instead, maybe both… hmu on Discord/Twitter if you know about places I could visit in Tokyo please since we haven’t really planned stuff ahead of ourselves.

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