Late March update

Hi there, long time no see >///<

I felt like I would upload something because I have been feeling much better lately for various reasons. Recently decided that I’d try to get back in touch with a long time gone friend which was most definitely my best move so far this current year. That and also the fact that my current job is going really well since I just received my permanent contract.

I think this was supposed to be a League of Legends related blog at first though… so I will talk about that for a bit.

I stopped playing on my main account because I wasn’t having any sort of fun while playing soloQ so I thought I’d try to play some games on my fresh Platinum account but even though I did pretty well for playing roles I haven’t been playing at all for years it still didn’t feel that great… This time I’m probably gonna stop playing for good as I see no reason to keep myself going.

I’d be lying if I said I entirely stopped already as I have still been playing on one of my smurf, the lowest ranked one, in order to help a friend out to reach Diamond, not because I want to play League of Legends but because I want to spend time with her. I hope she will realize by the time she reach Diamond that she’d be better off if she stopped playing this ><‘

Now that I’m done with this crap I can move on to the things I really like talking about ~ booohoo weeb boooo

It obviously starts with my room. I think I’m done filling my first Detolf since I like the way it looks at the moment so I’m probably not gonna move anything any further.

Sorry about the crappy picture ><‘

But I have two of those ! So there’s one left to fill and I don’t have any item to go in there yet which makes me believe my salary is gonna come in handy. Here’s some stuff I bought already/might buy when it will go on sale :

(I also bought a lot of Hibike Euphonium merch from the Kyoani shop so I might upload some pictures when it will be delivered)

I mentioned earlier that I just got my permanent contract. It’s great for a lot of reason but the most interesting one is probably the fact that I will be able to have some days off whenever I will feel like it. You know where I’m heading already right?

That’s right I’m going to Japan next Summer, I don’t know when exactly yet since I don’t really want to go there on my own so I still have to figure out who might be able to come along even though I already know who I’d like to go there with <:

Last but not least, I spent a great week-end with that friend of mine, we visited Versailles shortly since she has rarely come there so I thought that’d be great to show her some nice places. We also went to a few restaurants / bars which was really great -and expensive-. The main attraction was the Escape Game we did in Poissy which was reallyyy fun, we had to escape from jail, and we managed to do so in due time! I can only hope we’ll do more of those in the near future.

Overall I feel much better than a few months ago about myself. I wish some stuff would have gone differently though but I’m still happy either way. Now I can only hope that time will do its work so that I can enjoy even more stuff I’ve rarely been accustomed to.

I think that’s it for today, nothing else really happened in my boring life, and that’s quite a lot for me already! Since I’m not gonna upload anything else about League of Legends I might not upload another article in a while so see you guys on Discord or Twitter 🙂