Monthly update – League of Legends (Part 2)

Oh man it’s been a while. I’ve been wanting to upload that for a while now but for whatever reasons it got delayed because I was too busy working or playing BOTW ( ̄へ ̄)

I thought playing other games would make me realize how pointless it was to tryhard on League of Legends… but I was wrong (I might also be addicted to League so don’t mind me trying to find excuses).

First off I had to figure out a way to unrust in a fast manner so I played a few ARAM with friends before I got bored and realized how inefficient it was. The only decent option left to me was to play soloQ on my main account which was D1.

Let’s be real here. I knew it wouldn’t go well since my champion pool is as bad as it has always been. But I spammed soloQ regardless and dropped all the way down to D4. It was kinda embarassing so I decided to stop playing Nunu/Kindred… I know what I’ve stated about both champions in my second article but in the end it takes way too much effort to make those two work in a soloQ setup.

I had some tricks up my sleeve though and managed to go back up to D2 by playing Rammus only, he’s in a pretty good state as off right now I’d say. I grew sort of bored of it so I decided I’d play some midlane -Zilean- since I’ve always sucked there and after all it was still pre-season. BUT it went ten times better than I had expected and I managed to reach D1 50 LP with over 70% winrate on Zilean with a 7+ KDA which I’m quite proud of.

I’m pretty happy with how things turned out and I think my MMR will be decent enough to skip divisions early season if I don’t screw things up. I gave it some thoughts and I will be streaming my entire progression (I even prepared a fresh level 30 account, which I’m gonna hold for mid-season most likely).

And that’s pretty much it about League, I will upload another article as soon as possible because there are a lot of stuff I’d like to talk about, especially about IRL. It should be out later today… for real this time !

Thanks for reading and see you guys on my stream tomorrow for some fun soloQ experience hopefully ≧ω≦

I’m ready for season 2018