Introduction to my blog

Hello there, welcome on my personal blog. I’m Inosa but people might know me as acid36. IRL my name is Bryce, I am a 22 year old quiet guy. I live in France near Paris. I love playing competitive team-oriented games and  watching animes.

Illustration by Hiten

I studied some computer/web related stuff and now I am kind of stucked with it for my current job. I am waiting for an opportunity to live the esport dream though (not as a pro player obviously, but anything else will do).

Demolisher Nunu – League of Legends

Online, I am a competitive LoL player, my average elo is inbetween D1 and low-master (I peaked around 250 LP and was rank 1 early season 6), I am playing on EUW server. My main account might be known by some of you but I would rather keep it private in order to take a fresh start, especially regarding toxicity. Therefore the main purpose of this blog will be to talk about my grinding of EUW ladder (e.g. my actual progression).

Inosa (Julith) – Dofus 2

Secondly I will be talking about my progression on Dofus as well. I own 2 characters, both named Inosa on Julith and Fraktale. I own a few others characters on Julith as well but I’m not using those much if at all (e.g. what are my current builds).

I might be talking about a few other things such as:

  • Mario Kart Wii
  • anime’s reviews
  • rl stuff

Anyway thanks for reading down to this point and sorry about potential english mistakes, I am not used to doing this but I might get better at it very soon!

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